Equine Nutrition & Feed Digestibility Workshop with Cavalor Creator, Peter Bollen
July 21st 6:00
at Log Cabin Tack
Join us for an evening of education! Learn more about nutrition, feed digestibility, and solutions. Peter Bollen, internationally recognized founder, CEO, and chief nutritionist of Cavalor, will be speaking. Please bring questions about your horses as well! 

Peter Bollen started Cavalor in 1989. Cavalor based its formulations on what in those days was an innovative way to feed high performances horses - low protein and higher, good fats. Now, Cavalor has pioneered the way for development and research of equine nutrition. Peter’s other notable achievements include: member of FEI Jumping Committee, President of the European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress (EEHNC), and member of the International Equine Organizers Association (IEOA)